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Sweaborg Historical Christmas Market, 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Aterimet Aterimet

After the Grand Opening we will all gather at the historical Christmas Market at Tenaille von Fersen (right next door to Ehrensvärd's grave and Ehrensvärd museum). On display will be wonderful replica products of Gustafs Skåls production, glass, porcelaine, fabrics, eating utensils, candle holders, et cetera, et cetera. in addition to various selection of clothing and other accessories. Föreningen Brage will also bring forward their most beautiful period shoes for both men and women, in addition their authentic collection of clothing, buckles, fabrics, et cetera, et cetera. Also available is a multitude of wool and cotton fabrics, sewing materials in addition to antiques et al. Various historical re-enactors will bring forward their handiwork, clothing, accessories, and other pieces at their flea market tables. What a perfect setting to find that little missing piece to complete your outfit!

Participants interested in aquiring a sales table may do so at info (at) hww.fi

Sweaborg Historical Christmas Ball, 5 p.m. to midnight

Elias Martin: Dancing guests at a ball in Sveaborg in 1764.

As the annals of history tell us: "Sveaborg in the 18th century was not only a military fortress, but also a city that had more inhabitants than Helsinki. The officers families spent their with picnics, dances and masquerades. They read books and listened and played music. Sveaborg also had many amateur theatres and talented military musicians."

We have prepared for you this year a modest traditional Christmas table (smörgåsbord): after which follows various performances, dances and games for your pleasure and enjoyment. Historical 18th century outfit is compulsory.




What you need to participate

You will also need these personal accessories:

  • historically correct Plate & Knife
  • If you can afford it, a modern invention in the form of a Fork
  • Drinking Cup
  • Everyone brings their own drinks
  • Better folk accessorises themselves accordingly, poorer folk use what they can
  • You will also need a historically correct party mood.


How to get there

Myllysali (number 5 on the map).

Sveaborg ferry timetable.

Walking route on the map.

www.ytv.fi reittihaku/suomenlinna.

The ferry leaves from Market Square at 10:40 which will bring you just on time for the Christmas Grand Opening. If you are only coming for the Christmas Ball the best ferry leaves at 4.40 p.m. Walking distance to Myllysali is about 1 km. The last ferries to the "continent" leave at 1.40 a.m. and 2.2 a.m.

On the map: 4 = Tenaille von Fersen, 5 = Tenaille von Fersen Myllysali, 7 = Ruutikellari, 17 = Restaurant Chapman, 18 = Cafe Piper.

From Market Square, Sat and Sun

  06.20T  13.40  20.40T
  07.00T  14.20  21.20T
  07.40T  15.20  22.20T
  08.20T  16.00  23.20T
  09.00T  16.40  0.20T
  09.40T  17.20  1.00T
  10.40T  18.00  1.40T
  11.20T  18.40  2.20T
  12.00T  19.30 
  13.00  20.00T 
From Sveaborg, Sat and Sun

  06.00T  13.20  20.20T
  06.40T  14.00  21.00T
  07.20T  14.40  22.00T
  08.00T  15.40  23.00T
  08.40T  16.20  0.00T
  09.20T  17.00  0.40T
  10.20T  17.40  1.20T
  11.00T  18.20  2.00T
  11.40T  19.10 
  12.20T  19.50 

Signing up for the Christmas Ball

The Christmas Ball is a private event for members of HWW and Gustafs Skål only. We ask of you only a modest fee of Fifteen daler (15 €) to cover our costs. Those poor citizens who do not yet own a membership in our Societé can join here.

The Christmas Opening and Christmas Market are open to all.

Participants must sign up by November 19th mennessä and pay 20 € Sign up in advance at hww.fi. No entrance without advance payment.

After November 20th the participation fee will be 30 €.

More information may be inquired from info [at] hww [dot] fi.