Noble Laidies & Gentlemen, Burghers & other Honorable Citizens!

We wish to cordially invite you to our tenth anniversary Christmas Ball and 20th anniversary of H.W.W.C.H.A. on SATURDAY 26th of NOVEMBER at PIRUNKIRKKO in Sveaborg.

In honor of our anniversary the Ball is free admittance to all H.W.W.C.H.A. members who have paid their 2016 membership. If you have not paid it yet, now is the perfect oppotunity to do so BEFORE 22nd of November. In addition you must sign up using this sign up form.

If you are not a member, do not fret. We offer the opportunity for all interested parties to participate for the meager sum of 20 Erics-Daler (20 Euros).

Last sign up date for this amount is 22nd of November after which late sign ups will cost 40 Euros for all, regardless of membership. Save and sign up now!

Time is of the essence. Sign up now!

Cordially Yours,
        H. W. W. C. H. A.

Programme — Program

12 — 14     LE MARCHÉ 1700s ET AL. PROGRAMME
— 18th century market for reenactors, Ball preparations, socializing, dancing warm-ups, sowing club, games table, outfit and accoutrement reviewing, hair and dressing room open

14 — 15     HORS D'OUVRES — Apperitifs

15 — 17     LE MARCHÉ 1700s ET AL. PROGRAMME CONT.
— 18th century market for reenactors continued, Ball preparations, socializing, dancing warm-ups, sowing club, games table, outfit and accoutrement reviewing, hair and dressing room open pukeutumishuone

17 — 19     LE DÎNER — Dinner is served

— Performances and other program
— The Grand Ball
— Games, cards, etc.

(Bring your own drinks, no alcohol served!)

Le Grand Bal — The Great Ball

As the annals of history tell us: "Sweaborg in the 18th century was not only a military fortress, but also a city that had more inhabitants than Helsinki. The officers families spent their with picnics, dances and masquerades. They read books and listened and played music. Sweaborg also had many amateur theatres and talented military musicians."

ATTN! Bring your own drinks, no alcohol served!

To prevent Cindrella-effects event will end at midnight.


This is a private event. Sign up for persons of significance can be found here.

Attendance is limited! Sign up early!

Historie — Historical Facts

"In the 18th century Sveaborg was not only a fortress, it was also a city with more inhabitants than Helsinki. Officers families life included picnics, dances and masquerades. They read, listened and played music. Sveaborg had amateur theatre and talented military musicians."

Elias Martin: Guests dancing at a celebration in Sveablorg 1764.

"On the fourth Christmas day of 1763 the entire military band came to the party. Toasts were raised and songs were sung to the accompaniment of the band. Dancing began in the evening with Minuets ending with a potpourri of contra dances, favorites of the period. Guests sat at card tables. The envening was topped of with cocoa."

Accessoires — Accessories

1700-luvun asu 1700-luvun asu





  • 18th century outfit

    Plus the following accoutrements:

  • ATTN!
    Bring your own drinks, no alcohol is served!
  • A plate of procelaine or tin. Also clay or wood will suffice if nothing else is available.

    An example of perfect porcelain dishware Kristinehovis Gustav III replica dishes or Rörstrand Ostindia series
  • A knife, and possibly the noveau invention a fork (two-pronged is the right model)
  • Drinking vessel, goblet or tin mug, eg. this economical wine glaas from Ikea.
  • Better folk will of course equip themselves according to their class. Poorer people use what they have.
  • At the 18th century market it may be possible to get yourself some necessary accoutrements, but, it is better to be well equipped in advance.
  • Period correct party attitude.

Carta — How to get there


Sveabord map enlarged

On the map: 1. Pirunkirkko, 4. Tenalji von Fersen, 5. Myllysali, 7. Ruutikellari, 8. Restaurant Suomenlinnan Panimo, 9. Suomenlinna kiosk, 10. Store, 11. Restaurant Yläkerho, 12. Cafe Vanille, 17. Restaurant Chapman, 18. Cafe Piper.

Sveaborg ferry timetable.

Walking route to Tenalji von Fersen.

Walking route to Pirunkirkko.

Walking route to Ruutikellari. route guide

Traversier — Sveaborg Ferry

Ferry to Sveaborg leaves from Kauppatori at 11.20 and 12.00 am.
Third last ferry to the continent at 00:20
Second last ferry to the continent at 01:00
Last ferry to the continent at 02:00. You do NOT want to miss this one.
Complete ferry timetables are here.

Enregistrement — Sign Up

Sign up latest on 22nd November here.

The last sign up and payment day is 22nd of November, after which date late sign ups cost 40 euros to all members or non-members.

Save and sign up now!

More information by email from info [at] hww [dot] fi.


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