The Olde Militia of Helsinki and Fine Citizens of the Town

We are a group of people who are interested in the living history of the 18th century. The very name of our group is The olde Militia of Helsinki and the Fine Citizens of the Town.

Our uniforms are exact copies of the clothes of the Helsinki Town Infantry from 1748. At that time every tax-paying citizen of the town had to join the militia. He had to buy himself a uniform and weaponry.

We are carrying out the musket execise as well as we can to the “Royal Majesty’s merciful Statute and Regulations of the Regiments of Foot” printed in 1751. The cannon and mortar drills are carried out according to the instructions of a book named “Artilleriet” which was printed in 1704.

As the Fine Citizens we are also interested in culture, customs and everyday life of “our period”.

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